Our Solution

We are constructing a global resource that is comprehensive, scalable, and public.



Our universal food index is a gateway to detailed food data from many different domains:

  • Food composition -- nutritional info, protein breakdown, allergens, trace minerals,...

  • Food genealogy -- how is this food genetically related to other foods? how are different strains related to each other?

  • Food usage and affinity -- what recipes use this food? what are common pairings/combinations?

  • Food culture -- how does the food's data differ across geographies? what uses does the food have besides nourishment (e.g., medicinal)? what societal values/traditions are attached to it?



Modern data science practices make it possible to load data from virtually all of the world’s accessible food databases, creating a “collection of collections”.

Our innovation is to overlap a thoughtful technical design on this massive data set, so that the full power of the data is available to technical users:

  • Simple, static identifiers provide the "GPS coordinates of food", making it easy to share data across organizations

  • Infinitely layered data allows users to interact with high-level data ("fish"), detailed data ("tuna: striped belly bonito”), and everything in between

  • Fuzzy logic makes it possible to constantly add new data, even when the data is incomplete or conflicting

  • Open APIs (application programming interfaces) make the results visible to users, without having to learn the structure of the data in the background



The universe of food data belongs to everyone, and we are structured to keep it that way.

  • Access to the food data is free, without exceptions

  • Our organization is a non-profit, funded by organizations who believe in the power of the data commons

  • We partner with innovators, to support their efforts to use the data for improving health, well-being, and sustainability